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Little Pets Collection

This collection is dedicated to hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and reptiles.

33. Tiny Pets Collection - Wooden Urns.jpg

#33 Little Pets Wooden Urns

Cherry Wood



Includes engraved nameplate

Locally made

33. Tiny Pets Collection - Mini Cedar Urn.jpg

#33B Little Pets Metal Urns

Choose from: Mother of Pearl, Brown, Black, Silver, or Blue

Threaded lid closure

33B. Tiny Pets Collection - Keep Sake Metal Earns.jpg
33D. Tiny Pets Collection - Mini Odyssey Urns.jpg

#33C Little Pets Odyssey

Hand crafted in brass

Available in Platinum or Pink

#33D Little Pets Ceramic Urn

Beautiful Pearl Finish

Engraved nameplate on chain

(Available at an extra cost)

33A. Tiny Pets Collection - White Ceramic Urn with Pearl Finish.jpg
33I. Tiny Pets Collection - Everafter Collection Stone Keepsake Urn.jpg

#33I Little Pets Stone Urn

"Forever in our hearts"

Canadian made

Holds a very small amount of cremains

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